It’s Book Week at my work place and I somehow got myself into a sticky situation. I work in a school and they’ve convinced me to talk to two classes of high school students about my adventures in comic making.

This should be straight forward but of course I want to do the best job possible and the more I’ve been working on my talk, the more complex it seems to get…

At this point I honestly have no idea how this is all going to pan out but I’ve been giving it my best. I believe that when Happy Hour hits on Friday, I’ll be feeling relieved. It’s not easy adding perspective to a venture that, at times, seems to resemble an aimless wander.

I guess the best way to approach it is set short term goals and focus on completing them, one at a time. Once I catch my breath, I’ll tell you more about a new project that I’m super excited about. Since I’m swamped, I’m going to keep this post really short. I hope you will understand. To make up for it, here is something that some of you have been asking for: a Captain Wayne colouring page. I know my kids love it so I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I shared it here.


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