As you finally get to see the Captain from up close I figured it would be appropriate to show you some development sketches. Some of them are pretty dated, actually most of Wayne’s character design was done between late 2003 and the end of 2005. But it wasn’t until I started to render the final pages that I really got to know him and he evolved from there. It’s probably not too evident when you look at the finished pages but I sure feel as though I know him very well now!


As I mentioned earlier, the whole idea for Cpt Wayne started as a pitch for a video game. Most of the early designs were geared towards that purpose, but it allowed me to focus on something that was quite new to me: cartoony character design. The only major comic book venture I’d been involved in (still unpublished) had a more realistic look to it with human characters. When I set off to design Cpt Wayne and his universe, I consciously opted to go for a more cartoony look, something that departed completely from anything I had ever done. It was all new territory for me as it had nothing to do with my training as a car designer or my work as graphic designer.


Once I had found the look that clicked for me, I spent a considerable amount of time working on the proportions. Sounds pretty weird but Wayne’s final look defined everything else that followed, it set the mark of where I wanted the whole look of the book to stand (by then I knew that I would make this into a graphic novel). If you were to make a scale going from hyper realistic (1) to super cartoony (10), I guess it would stand at about 7.


Finally, I’d like to explain why I included a couple of drawings of the Captaincy guard. Robots play an important part in science fiction and I like the idea of them being more mechanical than cybernetic. The quick and dirty animation was just a way for me to see what this specific design would look like in motion.


Page 4 extras


No video this week, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. See you next week when I’ll be talking a bit  about my world building process. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you feel like it.



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